Vehicula Ac

Last night I got to read in Minneapolis at an event put on by Paper Darts. It ruled. There was a huge, excited crowd and all the readers (Dessa, Dylan Hicks, John Jodzio, and America’s hottest bitch, Amelia Gray) were great. Amelia and I drank five ill-advised tumblers of whiskey and ate late-night huevos rancheros that I am still burping up. At the airport I watched the sun come up and in the car on the way into the city this song, which I am a sucker for, came on.

Tamalehawk and I have a phrase for when we can’t believe how great our lives are, and it is “Vehicula Ac.” Last night’s reading and tonight’s promise of dogs + husband + TV + blanket is drowning me, happily, in Vehicula Ac.