That title portmanteau didn’t work at all, did it.

Anyway, I’m overjoyed to announce that I’ve got a story, “A Girl,” in a Fifty-Two Stories anthology, Forty Stories. I’m accompanied by the likes of Jess Walter, Roxane Gay, Blake Butler, Elizabeth Crane, and lots of other amazing writers. It’s available as a free download at the link I provided, and also as a free e-book on your e-reader of choice. I love Cal Morgan a lot and it’s an honor that he included something of mine. Check it out!

This past weekend, I got to participate in the BOOK FORT at the Pitchfork Music Fest, which was a blast. Here is photographic proof:

Stolen from America's own Kyle Beachy.

I drank a lot of sweet tea from Wishbone and I read as meanly as I could. Then, I met Nat, who plays in the Dirty Projectors and is a huge indie lit fan. Somehow he had heard of me and had come to see me read! It was a delight talking to him and I hope he likes Daddy’s and all the other books I foisted on him.

Upcoming: stories in Paper Darts and Uncanny Valley